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20+ Anniversary Quotes: For your loved one to make happy

Anniversary Quotes

Anniversary’s are those special milestones in one’s relationship, you would want to cherish together. You come up with the craziest surprises, wish them, and make them feel loved with quotes and meaningful in the life. So here are a few special wishes for your special person:

Anniversary Quotes
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Meaningful Anniversary Quotes for Your Loved Ones

  1. We’ve got through it all, together and I want to get us through everything out there. To many more years ahead of us” –Happy anniversary, my Love.
  2. To all these years we were together, all the fun we had, all the silly fights…Today marks our day, “Me and You day”. I want to wish you Happy anniversary. I Love You!
  3. Happy Anniversary dear! I want you to know that, everyday is as special as today because I’ve got you. Let’s make many more wonderful memories for us to get old one day, looking upon our past, giggling about all stupid decisions we made. I Love You!
  4. Another year of us.. I promise I’ll always have your back, whenever you need me and I’ll always love you, endlessly. Forever and ever.
  5. I swear, you’re the best thing ever happened to me ever. Even after all these years, my love for you is so raw and fresh and I don’t intend on stopping, never. Happy Anniversary Babe!
  6. Happy anniversary dearie! May this year bring us infinite joys, smile that never wipes off and love that never wilts. I Love You!
  7. From the moment I saw you, I just knew you were the one for me. I’m so grateful that I’ve got you. You’re just perfect and most amazing person I’ve ever known. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!
  8. All these years and I’m still all head over heels for you. I might sound a little edgy but I blush like a teenage idiot when I’m around you. I promise to love you endlessly. Happy anniversary to the woman, I love the most.
  9. Happy Anniversary babe! I always want to love you, make you happy and make you feel safe. ‘Us’ is a forever thing, no backing out.
  10. I Love You! I promise to always fight for you and never let you go. Happy Anniversary to the Love of life.
  11. (Bonus) – Happy Anniversary, babe! I Love You for the fact that you always bring out the best in me in ways you don’t even know. You light up my world.

Funny Anniversary quotes for your loved one:

  1. I Promise I’ll always be the one to annoy you, forever. Happy Anniversary!
  2. Babe, I love you so much that I’d put up with your loud snoring for the rest of our lives. Happy Anniversary!(Yes, you snore)
  3. “Our marriage isn’t perfect. We had our downs but most of them were your fault…you could make all of them up with a shopping spree, flowers, chocolates…damn the list goes on”. Happy Anniversary, you idiot!
  4. “Let’s celebrate the day when we gave up looking for another partner, ’cause we so lazy”. Happy Anniversary, partner.
  5. Sometimes I be scared to sneak you out of my room if my mom sees and then I remember, Damn I’m married to this guy. Happy Anniversary, fool!
  6. It’s either I win the argument or we argue forever. Happy Anniversary loser!
  7. Congratulations on another year with your beautiful wife. I can only imagine how lucky and honored you are. Love you, Happy anniversary!
  8. Hmphh.. just me, carrying the weight of being the most adorable wife you could have. Happy Anniversary, stupid!
  9. Dear Husband, all I want this anniversary is you to put your smelly socks in the laundry, not put your wet towel on our bed, oh my god I possibly cannot type it all in a message. You’re eww, stinky and all that but I Love You, Happy anniversary!
  10. I wanna be the only one to make fun of how stupid and messy you are. Hey, you got me( might as well push you off the cliff, just kidding.. or am I)Happy Anniversary clumsy!

Music is the way to weasel in anybody’s heart. You look for the perfect song with lyrics that exactly describes your relationship. And that there, becomes your go through song for every occasion. It’s a way of showing your affection to them ’cause little things do matter much.
Here’ a list of songs you can find your match from:

Songs to Feel Better on occasion.

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Anniversary romantic songs

Why do we wish for Anniversary?

The bond brings a high effect on the relationship and makes it good when we wish our loved ones a special day.

What is the importance of Anniversary?

The Importance of Anniversaries is that we celebrate the journey of love, marking milestones and reaffirming the commitment shared between two souls. They hold significance as reminders of cherished memories and the enduring bond of a relationship.


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