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Meaningful Baby Names Inspired By Air

Baby Names Inspired By Air

The ancient Greeks believed that there are four elements that everything is made from: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. These four elements are the essence of life and make the most powerful names.

Below, you will find baby names inspired by air names in specific. These air names can convey the ideas of change, movement, weather, breath, life, direction, or the flow of life.

The weather has the power to impact a person’s state of mind. The colorless, odorless, tasteless mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth. Here we have combined a list of names that are a perfect pick for your little one.

Air is an elemental name that represents things like:

  1. Harmony
  2. Intelligence
  3. Thinking
  4. Perception
  5. Knowledge
  6. Learning
  7. Imagination
  8. Creativity
  9. Communication

Here are 21 girl baby names inspired by air ?

baby name inspired by air

Alizeh: Is a beautiful persian name meaning wind (air).

Anemone: This is perhaps one of the most profound names that mean air. It has its origin in English and it means “daughter of the wind.” In Greek, it means “a breath of wind.”

Alizee: This french name means ”trade wind”.

Aella :This greek name means “whirlwind”. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a strong name for your daughter.

Aura: With English origins, Aura means “breeze, breath, or wind.” The Italian version is Auretta.

Brisa: is a common girl name that means the air in the Latinx families. Derived from Spanish origin, this name means a breeze.

Esen: is a famous Turkish name, meaning ‘the wind.’ It can be used as a unique name for your daughter.

Fei: This name hails from China and translates to “dancing in the air”. This is a popular feminine name that means air.

Haizea: If you are looking to name your daughter differently, then this would be a perfect choice. This is a beautiful girl’s name that means air.

Kapheira/Capheira: Another name with its roots in Greece, Kapheira means “stormy-breath.”

Ilma: This scandinavian name means ” air”

Noelani: is a gorgeous Hawaiian name, meaning ‘heavenly mist.’ This exotic name would make a nice pick for girls born during Christmas for its ‘Noel’ beginning. Its modern namesake would be Noelani Pantastico, the American ballerina.

Nasima : With arabic roots ,nasima means ”breeze or fresh air”.

Nekeisha : This is a rare girl name that means air. Nekeisha is a Hindu Girl name and has Hindi origin and is one of the popular names for girls.

Pranee : in Thai origin means “The breath, spirit, or life force”. However, the name Pranee in Hindi means Pranee – Living things.

Samira : In Hindi ,this means ”air ”.

Soma : In Japanese So means “sudden, the sound of the wind” and Ma means “real, genuine”.

Tadita: This Native American name means “to the wind.”

Tuulikki : This is a baby girl’s name that means “little wind” in Finnish, derived from the word tuuli “wind”.

Thendral : This is a Tamil name of Indian origin that means cool air. It also has other meanings such as the breeze.

Zephyrine : This is a Greek representation of wind for the given name. The name indicates a westerly wind. The Portuguese name for this would be “Zeferina”.

Followed by 21 boy baby names inspired by air ?

baby name inspired by air

Anil : This is an Indian boy’s name that means air and wind. It also has other meanings such as brilliant and shining. People with this name are very honest and successful.

Arva : Fast wind.

Ayaz : cold air .

Anilesh : Air.

Aruth : is a Hindi boy name that means wind, breeze, or moving air. These people are intelligent with more wisdom.

Dhwanil : is a baby boy name belonging to the Hindu religion. Its meaning is the sound of wind.

Erjon : This is a cute masculine name of Albanian origin meaning “our wind” or “the wind coming from the Ionian Sea”.

Ferin : west wind .

Ilmari : The name Ilmari is primarily used to name boys and comes from Scandinavian origin. The meaning of it is Air.

Keanu : We all know about the well-known actor, Keanu Reeves. Keanu is a cute boy name. It has its Hawaiian roots which mean “breeze”.

Matuu : This masculine name originates from Polynesia meaning “north wind”.

Makani : This is a Hawaiian name for boys that refers to the wind in all of its power. This is a perfect name to name your champion.

Marut : is a boy’s name and is another name for Lord Vishnu. The meaning of this name is Air, belonging to the wind, and God of the wind.

Maruthi : Son of wind.

Naseem : is a baby boy name popular in the Muslim religion. It has its origin in Arabic. Naseem’s name has meanings such as Gentle wind, Breeze, and fresh air.

Pran : is an Indian boy name from Sanskrit meaning breath.

Pavan kumar : son of the wind .

Rai : is a distinctive and charming name, meaning ‘storm’ which in many cases is used as a surname or middle name.

Saamir : Early morning wind.

Wayra : wind.

Zephyr : Belonging to the Ancient Greek classic, this is a boy name whose original name form is Zephyrus. He was quite popular in Ancient Greece, as this is the name of the male deity of the west wind. Though the name has changed over the years, the meaning for both remains the same.

When choosing a baby name inspired by air, it’s essential for parents to consider the sound, meaning, and cultural background of the name to ensure it resonates with both the child and the family. Additionally, discussing the name choice with close family and friends can provide valuable feedback and insights.

Giving your baby names that mean air or wind would be the right option if you happen to be a lover of nature. Also, the air is essential to life. It acts as a positive meaning, emphasizing to your child that they are an indispensable part of your life.

Do follow for more information related to Babies names list drawn from other inspirations.

“Children bring us a piece of heaven on earth.”


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