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Baby Names: The Earth

Earth is the only known planet to offer us all the luxuries of food, water, air and a habitat. It has a literary, social, scientific, historical definition. We have so many names for this planet that it’s hardly possible to list them all out. This is where we emerge from and go back into the other side. The Earth has perfect harmony between every realms. There’s no place to imagine without this planet.

This is where all the known organisms thrive. This is where we start our lives so why not have a name which is inspired and means this land. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you or your loved is ‘expecting’…? The name, of course! You scroll through hundreds of website looking for the perfect name, the name which your child will carry for rest of its life. As parents, you ought to make ensure your kid enters this new world with positive energy and love. You want to give your little one the best start. Therefore, it becomes of great importance to name your baby. Here are a few baby names inspired by the ‘Earth‘:

Baby Names

Girl Names that means the Earth:

  1. Achala : The Earth, Steady Mountain
  2. Anantha ♀ : Eternal, The Earth
  3. Avantika ♀: Powerful, The Earth
  4. Avni ♀: The Earth, Course of river
  5. Bhumi ♀: The Earth, Base
  6. Dharam ♀: The Earth, Constant Flow,
    Sustaining & Preserving
  7. Dharitri ♀: The Earth
  8. Dharani ♀: The Earth, Protecting
  9. Dunia ♀: The Earth, The World
  10. Idhika ♀: The Earth, Perception
  11. Kashyapi ♀: The Earth, Soil, Races of men
  12. Kshiti ♀: The Earth
  13. Mahi ♀: Earth goddess, Strong
  14. Medini ♀: The Earth, A dame of the Earth
  15. Omala ♀: The Earth, Planet where human can live
  16. Urvi ♀: The Earth, Heaven, River
  17. Vasudha ♀: The Earth, Giver of wealth
  18. Vasundhara ♀: The Earth, Best of Deities
  19. Vikeshi ♀: The World, Travel lover
  20. Yahvi ♀: The Earth, Heaven
Baby names

Boy Names that means The Earth:

  1. Avish ♂: God of Earth
  2. Bhuman ♂: The Earth
  3. Bhuv ♂: The Earth
  4. Bhupendra ♂: Emperor of Earth
  5. Bhaumik ♂: Lord of the Earth
  6. Jaginder ♂: God of the Earth
  7. Jagjinder ♂: God of the Earth
  8. Kanjak♂ : Earth born
  9. Kshitij ♂: Born on Earth
  10. Kshitish ♂: Master of Earth
  11. Lokesh ♂: King of the world
  12. Mahender ♂: Earth
  13. Mahish ♂: King, Lord of the earth
  14. Mahijith ♂: Conqueror of the Earth
  15. Prithvi ♂: The Earth
  16. Purvesh ♂: The Earth
  17. Saarang ♂: The Earth
  18. Mahin ♂: The Earth, Fine texture
  19. Urvish ♂: Lord of the Earth
  20. Vishva ♂: The Earth, universe

 Remember, A Name isn’t just for a few certificates, it’s for life! As parents, you are responsible for the start you give to your child. It’s said that the baby start developing the traits of their names. Giving them a positive name means you are shaping your child’s personality and creating a negative-free space.

Still not satisfied with these options? Here are list of various other babies name list drawn from other inspirations.

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