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How To Make Routines According To Rainy Season ?

Rainy Season.

Monsoon is said to be a beautiful and spirit-uplifting season. Monsoon indeed makes the atmosphere calm and gives us relief from hot and dry climate. But with all these satisfactory joys, it tends to makes us vulnerable to various diseases like cold and flu being the most common.

So, here are a few tips on how you can plan your daily routines during the rainy season:

  • Hot Shower: Taking a hot shower especially when you’re drenched can bring your body back to its temperature. Hot showers are also known to have great effect on muscle stiffness by improving blood circulation. Headaches, particularly migraines are frequent during the rainy season. Getting under a hot shower works as a heat therapy thereby reducing the pain and making you feel relaxed.
  • Layers of Clothes: Wearing wet clothes can cause rashes and itching. Wearing a layer of clothes can help keeping your body warm and mostly dry. The most preferable fabric closest to your body is cotton as it is breathable. One must avoid heavy fabrics like wool, denim, canvas and so on. Don’t be afraid to mix up, you can style yourself with layers of clothing.
  • Protect your electronics: We’ve all been there, getting our phones wet while we make our way through the rain. In today’s times of snapchat and Instagram, we need our phones and cameras to be safe and dry. It’s smarter to keep your electronics in a Ziploc bags from avoiding them to get wet. If you have any left over silica gel desiccants ,you can use it to dry your phone instead of putting the phone in a bag of rice.
  • Destroy breeding ground for mosquitoes: Mosquitoes act as vectors for various diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya. One must remove all the sources containing water or cover the stagnant water containers in order to avoid breeding of mosquitoes. Mosquito repellents, coils or mat are also effective.
  • ‘NO’ to wet shoes: During rainy season it’s almost not possible to prevent your shoes from getting wet. Walking around in wet shoes isn’t good for your feet. As it can lead to various bacteria and fungal infections. Most common one includes athlete’s foot, painful blisters, nail infections. To avoid this, you can stuff your wet shoes with newspaper balls to absorb the moisture.
  • Stay physically active: Rainy season is known to make us lazy and inactive. But this season is when our immune system gets weaker. Being physically active improves your brain health as well as reduce your risk to diseases. During this season you can practice yoga, meditation to keep yourselves active.

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