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Travel Guide For Rainy Season


Traveling is the best option in rainy season.

The first few drops of rain trickling down your face, rejuvenating you. The sky covered in dark shapes of clouds, so gloomy yet actively mischievous. It’s one of those times when the nature screams vibrant beauty and you’re just a mere spectator of this surrounding. Every rain wanderer is offered all these ravishing things during this season. As much as delightful it is to travel during this beautiful season, the traveler must also be known that there are perils as well.


To ensure a safe and sound journey, here are a few travelling tips during the rainy season which might come in handy:

Pack light

While travelling you must pack smart and light. Since it is rainy season, you must carry waterproof clothes and shoes. It’s always better to carry raincoats, rubber boots and umbrella which will come in handy when you reach your destination. Do not forget to carry a few extra’s if traveling a child. Carrying medicines and a litte first aid kit would be better too.

Check the weather forecast

It’s always said to be smart to check the weather forecast beforehand of both, your starting point and destination. As thunderstorms are more likely to occur during rainy season. And nobody would want to get stuck in a storm while going on a trip.

Avoid Junk Food

Parasites and various other micro-organisms breed during rainy season. Everybody loves street food but you barely see covered food. Most of it is always uncovered hence it is prone to all these tiny organisms. Now these tiny organisms can cause serious diseases. It’s very troublesome especially while travelling. So, carrying packed snacks and food from home is always recommended.

Mosquito trouble

Rainy season is loved by mosquitoes. They cause a lot of problems. It’s smarter to prepare for such situations earlier itself. You can carry repellent creams, sprays, but these products might be required to reapply. You can also carry a mosquito net for a peaceful night. All these are effective immediately.

Avoid Hilly Areas

Hilly places are loved by everyone. But it must be rather avoided during rainy season. Landslides, floods are most likely in higher altitudes during monsoon. It can cause troubles like roadblocks delaying your journey or could even be fatal incase of landslides which are said to be most dangerous.

Skin Care

While travelling through rainy season, you must equally take care of your skin. It is imperative to wash your face at-least two times a day as the pores of your skin gets clogged with the dirt and pollutants. It leads to breaking out of pimples, rashes, itchiness, blackheads, acne. To avoid all these you must continue your skin routine even while travelling. Moisturizers, face wipes are a must to carry.

The rainy season brings about a unique charm and beauty that is worth exploring. It might be tempting to stay indoors during this time, but with the help of the travel guide for rainy season, you can discover a world of adventure and opportunities.

From serene and misty hill stations to exhilarating waterfalls

What is Choosing Destinations ?

When it comes to choosing destinations during the rainy season, it’s essential to pick places that are safe for travel. Avoid areas that are prone to flooding or landslides and check weather conditions regularly.

The good news is that many tourist destinations come alive during the rainy season. Places like hill stations, waterfalls, and forest reserves transform into lush wonderlands during the rainy months, providing you with an unforgettable travel experience.

What is Staying Safe means in rainy season ?

The rainy season can bring about its own set of challenges, and safety should always be the top priority during your travels. Check weather forecasts regularly, and be aware of local flood and landslide warnings.

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